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"Mobility Assistance Penang" (MAP)




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1st Help: ------>   Donate To Maintain MAP Project  

                       (Any Amount Is Appreciated)



  This van is used to transport the disabled especially those on wheelchairs.


About Mobility Accessibility Penang (MAP)

The main objective of the "Mobility Accessibility Penang" (MAP) is to help the disabled solving their transportation problems operated by Society of the Disabled Persons Penang (SDPP).


So far, there is no complete aid transportation system for the disabled in Penang. As such, SDPP has initiated a proposal of MAP in order to have a van equipped with facilities that could help to load and unload the disabled in wheelchair. With this type of van, SDPP could ease the transportation problem of its members.


SDPP has been planning and hoping for so many years and with the help of the good public, the dream has been materialized. At the moment of time, SDPP has only one van to provide the service.


MAP service is open to its members who need the transportation within the Penang Island. The services include sending them to clinic, studying, working, etc.. However the van can only accommodate up to five disabled persons with normal size wheelchairs per trip.


Those who intend to utilize the service, can contact SDPP office at Tel:04-228 1058, three (3) days in advance for booking. Booking time is open from Monday to Friday from 1pm to 5pm; on Saturday from 9am to 1pm respectively. SDPP will try to accommodate urgent request.


SDPP needs to spend about RM35000 every year for the repairs and maintenance of the MAP van. As such SDPP hopes that the public could give their continuous support to help SDPP in their daily expenses to ensure the continuation of running the MAP for the benefits of the disabled.


SDPP welcomes donations from the general public. You can donate through the following channels:



1. Contact SDPP office at: 


                             Society of the Disabled Persons Penang

                             Kompleks Masyarakat Penyayang

                             CO-19-GF & CO-20-GF, Jalan Utama

                             10450 Pulau Pinang

                             Registered No: 2987

                             Tel/Fax: 04-2281058




2. By Cheque

Please make cheque payable to:

Persatuan Orang Cacat Negeri Pulau Pinang


Society of the Disabled Persons Penang



3. Bank Transfer:

                Account Name: Persatuan Orang Cacat Negeri Pulau Pinang

             CIMB Account Number      : 8003863723   OR

             Maybank Account Number : 507246109213  


4. Transfer through:  CIMB Cares (Click on CIMB Clicks logo below)





2nd Help: Do Not Park At Lot For Disabled Person


You have been driving round the shopping complex car park for 5 minutes looking for a space. It's very full. Suddenly you see a place and it is close to the lifts. But it is marked Disabled Only. You think to yourself. "I'm only going to be 30 minutes. I hardly ever see a disabled person park there anyway. What difference will it make"


It will make a huge difference. If a disabled driver is unable to park in a space wide enough to allow him/her to get out either with wheelchair or crutches and close enough to ramps and lifts to enable him/her to access the building they might just have to turn around and go home.


So please NEVER, NEVER park in a disabled parking space. Thank you.