Source: The Star, 22-9-2015

Legless but not hopeless

Handicapped man opens food stall

A 37-YEAR-OLD man from Kangar was born without legs but it is not an obstacle for him to lead a full and independent life, Sin Chew Daily reported.

The man, who only wanted to be known as Syukri, opened a char kuey teow stall with two partners two weeks ago.

Syukri, a car park attendant, came to know Mohd Sukhairi Hassan, 34, and Abd Hadi Ali Khan, 22, when they approached him to lease an empty land to set up their stall.
As Syukri also has an interest in cooking, he asked them whether they were willing to hire him.

Impressed with Syukri’s independent spirit and self-reliance, they took him in as their partner.

“I do not like people to pity me. I want to be self-reliant and live like normal people,” said Syukri, who lives with his grandmother.

The daily reported that Syukri would help out at the stall at night after he finishes work at the car park.

Mohd Sukhairi admitted that more customers came to the stall after learning about Syukri.
However, he hoped customers would come back because of the food.