Helping A Member

SDPP member Mr. Beh Chin Soon, who lives in Nibung Tebal, met with an accident seven years ago. Though he was lucky to escape dead and alive, hurt his spinal cord badly. Both his legs and left arm paralyzed. Since then, all his movement depends on a wheelchair.

Due to wear and tear, his wheelchair is now in a deplorable state and need to be replaced. Mr. Beh can not afford it because of his present condition and hopes to get SDPP helping him to buy a new one.

SDPP was informed about the predicament of Mr. Beh and managed to get the concrete support from "Pertubuhan Wen Xin Penang" to sponsor the purchase of a wheel chair. "Pertubuhan Wen Xin Penang" donated RM650.00 to buy a new wheelchair for Mr. Beh.

The hand over of the wheel chair was as below:

"Pertubuhan Wen Xin Penang" hand over cheque to SDPP.

Delivered wheelchair to Mr. Beh's house.