Mid Autumn Festival Celebration by SDPP

Society of the Disabled Persons, Penang held its annual Lantern Festival to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Season at the premises of Cheah Kongsi on 18 September 04. As the Chinese proverb said : when moon is round, everyone would be around., therefore, the traditional festival is also time for get-together and reunion. 

The festive Mid-Autumn dinner was well attended and supported by members and distinguished figures and philanthropists who donated prizes for the lucky draw to grace the occasion.

The newly elected speech  chairwoman of SDPP, Mdm Teh in her addressing hoped that all members of the Society would give her full and undivided support to enable her to continue and complete projects and plans which were envisaged by former chairman Mr. Tan Kuan Aw. Mdm Teh also stressed the pertinence of the four main objectives of the Society. 

The four objectives were firstly to disseminate the predicament faced by the disabled persons to the public, secondly to urge the Authority to implement and mould the concept of friendly environment with the ease of accessibility to help the disabled to live independently, thirdly to encourage the disabled to equip themselves with better  knowledge through education in order to seek jobs in the societies and communities and lastly to have close rapport and consensus with NGO urging the Government to pass relevant laws for the those disabled persons in order to improve their living.  

Penang State Executive Councilor, Dr. Teng Hock Nan was also invited to give a speech in the function. He reiterated that SDPP urgently needed a well-designed van to solve the transport problems faced by the disabled and its members. He hoped that the other NGO would assist them raising much needed fund to materialize this meaningful and helpful project .Dr. Teng further pointed out that through the effort of both former Chairman, Mr. Tan Kuan Aw and the present Chairwoman, Mdm. Teh, SDPP had succeeded setting up Education Award Fund for its members and the fund was today increased to about RM40,000-00.

The other invited guest was Members of Parliament for Tanjung, Mr. Chow Kuan Yew. Mr. Chow told the gathering that in order not to have any brain drain or waste of manpower, it was paramount important that laws for disables person be passed as to incorporate the expertise of disabled persons into the main stream of human resources for the nation development. Mr. Chow explained that the authorities did not understand well the need of the disabled relating job opportunities, education, public utilities and housing and he hoped that prior to the implementation of Acts of Protection for disabled persons or related laws for them, the authorities should invite those disabled to draft the relevant laws.

In addition to the sumptuous and delicious food and moon cakes, the highlight of the night included drawing of lucky prizes and singing. Some of the guests were also invited to sing on the stages. All were delighted with joy and fun.

Mid Autumn Festival Photos