Northam Beach Cafe, Penang, Malaysia

The owner of this beautiful cafe contacted us for advice before they make alternations to the place.

The result is a very friendly place for children, the elderly and the disabled. 

Two parking lots are reserved for the disabled.

Located nearest to the eating tables so that the disabled can reach the tables with minimum effort.

All ramps are wide, non-slip with very gentle gradient.

Sharp corners are marked with yellow paint to highlight possible danger.

This ramp leads us to the seaside. 

A beautiful view that greets you if you are able to get a table here.

Another view from the same table.



The disabled person's toilet here is spacious.

The layout is good. In this picture you can see the grab bar which is correctly installed.

We wish to thank the owner of Northam Beach Cafe for providing facilities for the elderly and the disabled. We hope other eating places will follow this good example.