The Community Hall of Teluk Bahang, Penang, Malaysia

We visited the site on 23rd Oct. 2003 accompanied by the architects, contractor and officials of the Municipal Council of Penang.


We like the gentle ramp that leads us into the corridor. However, handrail is installed only at one side of the ramp. That is not good for people who can use only one arm (e.g. stroke patient). We suggested that there should be handrail at both side of the ramp.


A wheelchair-user can use a short ramp go into the foyer. The gradient is a bit steep but usable. However, the ramp does not have any handrail or edge to prevent the wheelchair from slipping out of the ramp. We suggested that handrail should be installed here. The handrail will also prevent children or elderly persons from falling on to the sharp edges.


Once inside, the building is spacious and flat. It should not pose any problem for the disabled persons. There is a small passenger lift to bring a wheelchair-user to the first floor.


The building has a toilet for the disabled persons. Although the door opens inwards, it does not pose as a problem because the toilet compartment is big enough for a wheelchair to turn full circle. The ramp that leads into the toilet compartment is too steep and suggestion was made to lessen the gradient.


We also suggested that additional support bars (including an upward-folding type) should be installed.


We are concerned with the sharp edges of the basin. We suggested that it should be replaced with one that do not have sharp corner.