20-9-2018: Mooncake Party




Pretending As OKU To Hog OKU Parking Lot


(21-9-2018, Penang) Cases of Hogging of OKU parking lot by the general public is rampant, to the extent that after parking at the OKU parking lot, the person later pretending to be an OKU, but changed back to be a ¡°Normal People¡± after going to a shopping mall.


President of Society of Disabled Persons Penang (SDPP) Dato¡¯Teh Lay Kuan felt dishearten on the situation. Every time we encountered these type of situations, we were very angry but running out of wit as nothing much could be done.¡±


She mentioned, recently she attended a seminar organized by the Seberang Jaya Town Council. The the president of the council Datuk Seri Haji Rozali pointed that he witnessed by himself where a member of the general public parked his cars at the OKU parking lot, walked like an OKU after aligning from the car, but changed to a normal person walking after going into a shopping mall. 


¡°During my trip to shopping malls, I did encounter situation where a member of the general public parked at the OKU parking lot, the person ignored my honing when I remind him to move their cars.¡±


She said, her OKU friends did encounter the same situation where people pretending to be an OKU in order to park at the OKU parking lot.


She hoped the the state government could take note of this and to punish those pretenders.


She mentioned this during the Moon Cake Party organized by the Society of the Disabled Persons Penang.


She said, she reflected the matter to State Assemblymen during some activities with the hope that the state government could take action against these who take thing for granted by abusing the facilities for the OKU.


Oh Tong Keong, President for Gerakan Party Penang mentioned that the state government should educate the general public in not abusing the disabled friendly facilities such as toilet and parking lot , so as to bring inconvenience to the disabled.


Apart from that, the state and federal government should increase the welfare fund for the disabled, as the amount for the disabled has not been revised for quite a while.


YB Wong Hon Wa, MP for Bukit Bendera welcomed suggestions from the general public to the state and federal government in order to improve the facilities for the OKU. 


He also announced the allocation of RM 5000 to the Society of the Disabled Persons Penang.


YB Phee Boon Poh, Deputy President of SDPP Ooi Teik Hup, Yeap Ean Chuan (Secretary of SDPP), Lim Chin Hwa (Assistant Secretary of SDPP)and Lim Hock Kee (Committee Member of SDPP) attended the function.


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