30-9-2017: Mooncake Festival Party




(Penang,1-10-2017)Dato¨ Teh Lay Kuan, President of Society of the Disabled Persons Penang said that the pedestrian walkway set up by the local government beside the route of road for the wheelchair bound and for visually impaired are being erroneously and dangerously abused.

She mentioned this during her speech on the occasion of Mooncake Festival of the society. Whenever the traffic is heavy, some motorcyclists and bicycle cyclists will use the walkway to escape from the heavy traffic. This creates a high accidental risk for any user on the walkway, apart from potentially damaging the walkway.

^Items are placed on this type of walkway by those who may not realize the importance of the walkway for the disabled, thus creating inconveniences for the disabled. ̄

She hoped that the authorities concerned can keep on educating and reminding the general public in not abusing the facilities for the disabled by putting up notice board with warning of penalty. A strict enforcement will help as well.

Oh Tong Keong Urged The Upgrading of Basic Facilities for the Disabled


Oh Tong Keong, First Deputy President of Gerakan Penang, during his speech urged the federal government, state government or the city council to work together by putting aside political differences by providing more fund in improving the basic facilities for the disabled in building a caring society.


He said, there is a lack of parking lot for the disabled but some general public still park their car in those lots, He hoped the city council could take stern action on the matter.


During the event, Study Support Fund amounted to RM 1440 was distributed to 16 children of the members.


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