6-2-2017: Chinese New Year Party



(Penang 8-2-2017) Teh Lay Kuan: Disabled Friendly Facilities Are Important For The Disabled To Merge Into Society


Teh Lay Kuan, President for Society of the Disabled Persons Penang (SDPP) said that in order for the disabled to live and merge into the society,  apart from the disabled friendly facilities, job opportunities from the job market, their own upgrading and actively engaging in job opportunities, the disabled also need the support from all parties, especially from those in their living circle.


She said,  SDPP, other organizations and the general public have constantly bringing up the fact that if the disabled are to merge into the society and live a normal life as far as possible, the need for disabled friendly facilities and accessibility are necessary.


"For the past few years, we have observed that the state government and the authorities concerned have put more emphasis in building and improving the disabled friendly facilities and are more friendly towards us."


Teh Lay Kuan mentioned the above in her speech during the annual Chinese New Year  Party  on Monday night.


She said, the disabled can understand that the completion of all these facilities takes time and not an overnight job. Nevertheless, they are happy and grateful for all these positive and healthy development.


She said, it is  fact that the disabled have to face the inconveniences which come along with their disabilities, where some are light and some are severe. Generally the disabled need some kind of support based on their severity of their disabilities to go through their life. These supports include monetary form, cares, concerns, physical support and spiritual support.


She said, the disabled have the rights to live a life similar to all others. Therefore they do not want to see that family members, relatives or friends neglect or abandon a person solely due to his/her disabilities.


Oh Tong Keong urged to have more parking lots.


On the other hand, invited guest, Oh Tong Keong, Vice President of Penang Gerakan Party said that the state government must upgrade enough parking lots for the disabled.


He said that even though the state government have upgraded the parking lots for the disabled, but it is still not enough. He urged the state government to upgrade the basic welfare for the disabled.


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