25th Anniversary Celebration




Exco Member YB Phee Boon Poh, the Chairman for Welfare, Caring Society and Environment of Penang state said that he would suggest to the state government to hand over the maintenance work of outdoor exercise equipment to the Society of Disable Persons Penang , helping the disabled with employment opportunity.

He made the statement while attending the 25th Anniversary Celebration of the Society of Disable Persons Penang held at the main hall of Han Chiang High School Penang on Saturday.

He said that training on the maintenance work would be provided to the Society of Disable Persons Penang so that they can carry out the work when the project is implemented.

YB Phee said that, currently there is one company who has made the suggestion to produce the equipment for exercise on government land, since the equipment would need to be maintained in the future, the Society of Disable Persons Penang would be tasked with the maintenance work after training, this will provide the employment opportunity for Society of Disable Persons Penang .

On another matter, he pointed out that the disabled would be given priority consideration in the low and medium cost housing project of the state government. Next, he also mentioned that the state government would request disabled friendly environment and facilities be considered in the renovation work of some old buildings.

Teh Lay Kuan, President of the Society of Disable Persons Penang mentioned during her speech that majority of the disabled persons are capable of earning a living by themselves. What they need from all quarters are fair treatment, disabled friendly accessibilities and some patience for the slower movement in them daily activities.

She said that generally the public still have a low understanding and awareness towards the need, plight and limitation in the daily life of the disabled. One of the most common complaints is about the abuse of conveniences allocated for the disabled such as parking lot.

She gave an example of her experience on the illegal occupying of parking lot for the disabled. She requested the driver to the parking to her but the driver ignored. She gave the opinion that if the general public can have a better awareness and understanding about the disabled, this type of situation can be reduced or be avoided.

She also pointed out that Society of Disable Persons Penang SDPP was formed in 1998 with more than 300 plus multiracial members and its list is still growing. SDPP has its own website at: www.disabledpersonspenang.org

Teh Lay Kuan also cut the 25th Anniversary cake accompanied by the committee members of the society. The opening ceremony was completed with the firing of confetti crackers by the invited guests and all the committee members of the society.

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