Mooncake Festival Party



Teh Lay Kuan, president of Society Of The Disabled Persons Penang (SDPP) mentioned that the situation of occupying the parking lot for the disabled still happens frequently, she hoped that the state government and private property owner would carry out enforcement to rectify the situation.  


While speaking during the mooncake festival celebration of the society, she pointed out that even though matters related to the disabled were brought up a few times before this, there are still a lot of the public who do not respect the disabled. She said that she regularly received complaint about the parking lots for the disabled around the state being occupied.Even with the enforcement personnel around, the public still parked at the parking lots allocated for the disabled. 

The same situation happened in supermarket. It happened that when there was no enforcement personnel around while facing this type of situation, member of the society took photographs as evidence and forwarded the management as a complaint, but the was not still action taken by the management.

She also mentioned that in certain area of Penang, there are still no ramp for the disabled. This has resulted in the disabled facing inconveniences while making payments and doing transactions in the bank.She hoped that the state government and the private sectors could rectify the situations.

She added that SDPP would be holding its 25the anniversary dinner on 21st, December 2013 at 7.30 pm. at Han Chiang High School main hall. Each ticket would cost RM30 and she hoped that the public would give their support on the celebration. The closing date for the ticket is on 30th November, 2013. Any member of the public who would like to purchase the ticket could contact her at 013-4337442, Wong Teng Chai at 012-4556921 and Mr Ooi at at 017-4762286.

During the dinner, Ms Teh distributed study grant to the children of its members. The total amount was about RM 2000 with 22 recipients benefited from the allocation. Ms Teh mentioned that the grant was from public donation and SDPP allocated the amount to help reducing the burden of its members. 


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