Blood Donation Campaign



Ms Teh Lay Kuan, President of the Society of Disabled Persons Penang (SDPP) said that she was disheartened by the unfair treatment towards the disabled. She hoped that the government and the authority concerned could view the matter seriously.

She also urged the authorities concerned to ensure that new building should come with disabled friendly accessibilities.

She expressed the above points during her speech at the 15th Blood Donation Campaign organized by SDPP and a few other co-organizers. She said that the disabled has been receiving unfair treatment all this while. This included the case reported in the press recently that a wheelchair bound disabled person had to crawl up staircase to deliver a memorandum to a departmental officer who had refused to go downstairs to receive the note.

She said that there was also a case where a wheelchair bound disabled person was denied entry into a famous fast food restaurant for dining in KL. One of the very popular shopping mall in Penang has recently removed a ramp at the main entrance to the mall, causing hardship to those relying on the ramp especially those wheelchair bound to enter the mall. "Regardless of the reasons behind all those examples, they should not have happened."

She urged the public again to understand the plights and limitations that the disabled person have. If the public could put in a little bit of consideration into matters related to the disabled, it would help them tremendously. "I urge the authorities concerned to ensure that the disabled friendly accessibilities are not removed. This will enable that the disabled need not struggle with even a very small matter such as walking up a few steps of stair."

The 15th Blood Donation Campaign was held on 8-12-2013 at Kompleks Masyarakat Penyayang, Penang. It was organized by SDPP, the Youth Branch of Un Khuay Hoay Kuan, Bodhi Heart Sanctuary and the Youth Group of the Penang Branch of Buddha¡¯s Light International Association. All the blood donated, targeted to be 100 packs, would be handed over to the Penang General Hospital.


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