Durian And Tropical Fruits Party 2012



Society of Disabled Person Penang (SDPP) organized their Year 2012 Durian & Tropical Fruits Party this afternoon.  There were more than one hundred plus members, other disabled related organizations and the family members of the members attended the party.


The president of SDPP, Teh Lay Kuan was conferred the title of PKT by the state governor of Penang and it made the party to be more joyous.

Due to Teh Lay Kuan had to attend the rehearsal for the conferment of the title, her speech was read out by the secretary of the society, Yeap Ean Chuan.

She pointed out that a lot of schools are still not disabled friendly. The disabled students face problems while using the staircases, toilets and even corridors that are not disabled friendly. However she understood that some of the schools are old buildings. Therefore she hoped that all the new school buildings should follow the disabled friendly requirements for the benefits of the disabled students.

She urged all government agencies and non-government organizations to work together for the better livelihood of the disabled and the under-privileged.

Penang State Health, Welfare, Environment and Caring Society  Committee Chairman Phee Boon Poh urged the disabled who have not registered with the Welfare Department to do so as early as possible, for the issuance of disabled person (OKU) card to them, this would also enable the government to make a master plan for them. He also mentioned that a lot of new buildings do take into consideration the accessibilities for the disabled such as pedestrian walkway, parking lot and etc.

The state assemblyman for Kebun Bungah Jason Ong suggested that Society of Disabled Person Penang be changed to Society of Specialty Person Penang, this is because disabled should be considered as a special group. In order to achieve a compassionate society, he urged the federal government to form a quota system, this is to enable the government and the private sector to actively employ the disabled, thus creating more employment opportunities for the disabled.  


Reception Helpers listening to work distribution.
Giving a helping hand. 1 Giving a helping hand. 2
VIPs Giving a speech on behalf of the president.
VIP giving a speech. 1 VIP giving a speech. 2
Guests enjoying the durians and fruits. 1 Guests enjoying the durians and fruits. 2
Guests enjoying the durians and fruits. 3 Guests enjoying the durians and fruits. 4
A busy hall. 1 A busy hall. 2
Study grant recipients. Thank you for the wheelchair donated.
Many thanks to these helpers. 1 Many thanks to these helpers. 2