Durian And Tropical Fruits Party 2011



Society of Disabled Person Penang (SDPP) held its Year 2011 Durian & Tropical Fruits Party at Goh Kongsi (Ean Leng Tong). 


The   president   of    SDPP Madam    Teh   Lay   Kuan mentioned       that       the disabled are still  in  losing ends  as   far   as   medical insurance is concerned.

This is because majority of the insurance companies still do not accept medical insurance proposals from the disabled.  This issue has been dragging for a very long time and it seems that nothing positive has been done subjectively.

She said that SDPP is trying to advocate to the  insurance  companies  that  being disabled has already been an obstacle to them and they need  more  medical  care than the normal able person.  

On a sadder note, it is really disappointing that the perception of insurance companies towards the disabled has been negative all the way. SDPP hopes that they will change that perception. They should look into the plight and grievances of the disabled by starting to accept the medical insurance proposals from the disabled.

She reminded the insurance companies that they must also exercise their social responsibilities apart from generating more returns for their stakeholders.

YB Chow Kon Yeow, Chairman For The Penang State Local Government said that the state government understands the position of the insurance company that they have to make money. He would urge the insurance company to review the situation, so as to help the disabled to obtain the type of protection that they need. 

He also hoped that SDPP could work together with the Penang City Council for the benefits of the disabled.

He also mentioned that SDPP could not afford financially for some lands offered by the state government earlier for the premise of SDPP. He said that he would continue to look for a suitable piece of and so that SDPP could build their premise as soon as possible, so as to progress with the society and not being marginalized. 

YB Phee Boon Poh, Penang State EXCO Member who also attended that party said that if the Finance Ministry of the Federal Government could instruct the insurance company to review the policy, solution is likely to be found on the medical insurance for the disabled.  


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