Mooncake Festival Party




Society of Disabled Person Penang (SDPP) organized its annual event, Year 2011 Mooncake Festival Party at the Goh Kongsi (Ean Leng Tong).

Those who attended the party were state assembly men,  the Committee Members of Goh   Kongsi,    sponsors,

members of the Society of Disabled Persons Penang (SDPP) and family members, guests, helpers and members of the press.

The guests enjoyed mooncake, buffet dinner, carrying of lattern (especially for young family members) and some guests rendering some good songs as well.

The President of SDPP, Madam Teh Lay Kuan touched on the issue of getting the premises for SDPP. Even though SDPP was formed since 1988, the Society is still unable to own its own premises in spite of being in existence for more than two decades.

She said that the Society is a non-profit organization which is dependent on public donations for its day-to-day operations. Therefore financially, in order to get land or building from the State government through the open-tender system would not be viable for SDPP.

It has been noted that several NGOs have been given state land upon application to the Penang state government. Therefore the Society of Disabled Persons Penang would also like to appeal to the Penang State Government to consider and grant SDPP either a suitable piece of land or any suitable currently available premises at a token sum. This would enable the Society to have a building of its own to serve its members and the disabled better.


Helpers collecting the food. Helpers preparing the food before distribution.
Helper distributing the food. Helpers preparing drinks for guests.
Happy guests at the dinner. 1 Happy guests at the dinner. 2
 Happy guests at the dinner. 3 Happy guests at the dinner.  4
Busy hall view. 1 Busy hall view. 2
VIP giving a speech. 1  VIP giving a speech. 2
Guests rendering songs. 1 Guests rendering songs. 2
I have lantern ! Have a group photo with lanterns.
It is lucky draw time. 1 It is lucky draw time. 2
Yeh! I won a prize. 1 Yeh! I won a prize. 2
Part of the committee members. 1 Part of the committee members. 2