Blood Donation Campaign



(Penang, 4-12-2011)

Exco Member YB Chow Kon Yeow commented that the ramp leading to the stage at Kompleks Masyarakat Penyayang is too narrow, too steep, not up to the specification and not suitable for the wheel chair bound.

YB Chow made the comment during a blood donation campaign at Kompleks Masyarakat Penyayang on the 4-12-2011. This was due to while making her way to the stage to give a speech in a wheelchair, the president of Society of Disabled Persons Penang (SDPP) Ms Teh Lay Kuan nearly fell down due to the ramp that is too narrow and too steep. The guests quickly gave a helping hand and helped her to the stage.  

YB Chow concurred with the comments from Ms Teh that currently in some of the governmental and private buildings, there are not many disabled friendly facilities in place be it ramp or pathway. Even if there is, the ramp or pathway is either not up to the specification or too steep, thus not suitable for the wheelchair bound.

He commented that even though Kompleks Masyarakat Penyayang was designed specifically for the disabled, some of the facilities are not up to the expectations and one example is the stage pathway that is too narrow and steep.

YB Chow has the opinion that the design of the stage ramp and pathway for the disabled should at least enable the wheelchair bound to use it independently without the help of others in order to meet the specification.

He hoped that all should concern about the well being of the disabled by building the disabled friendly facilities, thus carrying out the social responsibility on humanitarian ground.

YB Chow also mentioned that the City Council of Penang (MPPP) has built ramps for the disabled at some bus stops. He said that ramps normally take up spaces, but MPPP still carried it out for the course of social benefits even though it did face some pressure during the process.   

The President of SDPP Ms Teh Lay Kuan wished that government and private sectors could understand the plights of the disabled thus setting up more disabled friendly facilities.  

The blood donation campaign was jointly organized by SDPP, Youth Section of Un Khuay Hoay Kuan, Bodhi Heart Sanctuary and Youth Section of Buddha's Light International Association (Penang Branch) with blood donors actively participated in the campaign.

Ms Teh mentioned that blood donation is a generous act and is a great contribution to humanity. It could also make the donor to be healthier physically and happier mentally. 


Opening ceremony. Guests attending the opening ceremony.
VIP giving a speech 1. VIP giving a speech 2.
Donors filling up registration form 1. Donors filling up registration form 2.
Donors patiently waiting 1. Donors patiently waiting 2.
Medical check in progress 1. Medical check in progress 2.
VIP visiting the donors 1. VIP visiting the donors 2.
Blood donation activities in progress 1. Blood donation activities in progress 2.
Blood donation activities in progress 3. Blood donation activities in progress 4.
Having some snacks after donating blood 1. Having some snacks after donating blood 2.
Emcee busy at work Some committee members at work.