Chinese New Year Buffet Dinner



Society of Disabled Persons Penang (SDPP) organized its annual event, Year 2010 Chinese New Year Buffet Dinner  at the Goh Kongsi (Ean Leng Tong).

The President of SDPP, Madam Teh Lay Kuan expressed her heartfelt thanks to the Penang State Government and the Penang Municipal Council     (MPPP)      for

allocating the ¡®Free Parking Pass for the Disabled¡¯ recently. It is indeed a great milestone in achievement after all these years of waiting for this special privilege to the disabled to materialize.

Madam Teh pointed out it has come to her knowledge through the newspaper that 46 places in Penang will be made disabled friendly.  In view of that, the SDPP would like to appeal to the Penang State Government and the relevant authorities to include SDPP as one of the NGOs in the panel when recommending for the disabled friendly accessibility in the construction of new building. By doing so, the feedback from SDPP would create a ¡®WIN-WIN¡¯ situation for all parties.

Madam Teh also appealed to all banks and commercial institutions to be disabled and senior citizen friendly as far as possible. The availability of at least hand-rails on the staircase and a small ramp for the wheelchair bound would be very helpful to the disable and also the senior citizens, so that a disabled friendly environment could be established.

YB Chow Kon Yeow, Penang State EXCO Member, pointed out that there is still a lot of room to improve the basic facilities for the disabled persons. He expressed that he would keep a close contact with SDPP, in order to monitor the basic facilities for the disabled persons.  

He pointed out that the public awareness on the issues affecting the disabled persons is very important.  Take for example even with the Free Parking Sticker for the disabled, it would not help if the public still occupy the parking lot for the disabled.

He said that he would look into the approach by SDPP requesting for a piece of land in constructing a disabled friendly activity center for the disabled so that activities could be carried out there.  

YB Phee Boon Poh, Penang State EXCO Member representing the Chief Minister of Penang, also pointed out that the public should not simply occupy the parking lot allocated for the disabled. He said that the public should be educated to increase their awareness on the matter, on voluntarily basis.  


Welcoming guests. Reception
Activities in the hall.  VIPs table and VIP giving speech.
'Wealth God' giving out Ang Pao 1 'Wealth God' giving out Ang Pao 2
'Wealth God' giving out Ang Pao 3. Helpers distributing food.
Lucky draw. Part of the organizing members.