9-2-2009: Chinese New Year Celebration



The President of SDPP, Madam  

Teh Lay Kuan pointed out that 

some parking lots in Penang

reserved for the disabled

persons are being utilized for

other purposes and occupied by

non-disabled person. This has

given more difficulties for the


She hoped that the state government could look into the parking lot problem being faced by the disabled person. She informed that SDPP has brought up the matter to the relevant  authority for a few times but so far the problem has not been addressed yet . She pointed out this in her speech during the Chinese New Year Celebration of the society on Saturday,.

ˇ°We hope that the state government could consider our earlier request of free parking for the disabled person.ˇ± She said that the disabled person group is mainly from the lower income group. The current bad economy has made the life of the disabled persons harder, thus the free parking benefit will help them in certain extent.

She suggested to the state government to mark ˇ°PERCUMA DAN UNTUK OKU SAHAJAˇ± (Free and for disabled persons only) on the parking lot for disable person. This would give free parking for disable person and to prevent it from being occupied by the non disable person.

Mr Chow Kon Yeow, the state exco member and the state assemblyman pointed the United Nation Development Project and The Economic Planning Unit of Penang will conduct a 2 years study on the benefits for the disabled person.  He welcomed the participation of SDPP and other societies for disabled person where the disabled person could understand their problem better.

Regarding the problem of parking lot reserved for disabled person being occupied by non disabled person, Chow Kon Yeow had the view that enforcement is not the key in solving the problem, rather to continue educating the public on the benefit of the disabled person would be a better and long term approach.

Chow Kon Yeow, who is in charge of the local government welcomed the SDPP and other societies for disable person to work together with his department in making the basic facilities for the disabled person better. He made the call while representing the Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng for SDPP Chinese New Year Celebration.

Ong Tian Lai, the director for Rapid Penang, informed that 200 new buses with a lower boarding and alighting floor would be brought in this year to facilitate the disabled person. He pointed that most of the bus stops in the state are not up to the standard. Therefore Rapid Penang has applied to the City Council of Penang since last year for the first phase in taking over 300 bus stops in Penang. He hoped the City Council could approve the application as soon as possible. This is to enable the disabled person to use the bus stop conveniently when the 200 new buses are put into services.


Welcoming the guests. Lion Dance in the hall.
Crowd in the function hall Part of the happy guests 1.

Part of the happy guests 2.

Part of the happy guests 3.
Many thanks to helpers in collecting and distributing the good food to guests. "Prosperity God' distributing Ang Pao and hopefully everyone having a good year.
Lucky draw winners with their prizes. Part of the organizing members.