Blood Donation Campaign



(Penang, 6-12-2009)

Madam  Teh  Lay  Kuan,

President  of  the  Society

of      Disabled      Persons

Penang (SDPP) said  that

in  conjunction  with   the

International     Day     of

Disabled Persons  annual

celebration   on   the   3rd    

day of December,  SDPP, Buddhist Light International Association, Un Khuay Hoay Kuan and Bodhi Heart Sanctuary had joined hands in organizing   the 11th Blood Donation Campaign.


She said that the old saying goes, ˇ°The act of giving is better than receivingˇ±. Thus, one helps others by donating blood but indirectly one also does oneself a good deed. Recent research has discovered that one may even become healthier and younger by donating blood. Therefore she sincerely hoped that all would continue to support the blood donation campaign


The theme for the 2009 International Day of Persons with Disabilities emphasizes on drawing the attention to and promoting a better understanding of disabilities issues plus mobilizing action for the empowerment of persons with disabilities.


Therefore the SDPP has high hope for the state government and relevant authorities to look into the grievances and take remedial actions in assisting the underprivileged and disabled.


She said the relevant government agency in the State of Selangor has already allocated free parking bay for the disabled. Therefore she sincerely hoped that the Penang State Government can follow suit. On behalf of the Society, she therefore once again appealed to the relevant authorities and government agencies for waiver of parking fee for the disabled.


In response to the above appeal, YB Phee Boon Poh, Penang State EXCO Member, mentioned that he would help SDPP to apply for the free parking bay for the disabled from the Penang City Council so that the disabled can park their car safely and conveniently on the designated parking bay during their outing.


He said  SDPP should submit to him the application letter requesting for free parking so that he can apply to the Penang City Council.


On the other hand, he said that blood donation does not only help other but is good for the health of the donor, due to a better blood circulation and metabolism.


Welcoming the VIP. Function in progress.
VIP giving a speech 1. VIP giving a speech 2.
Guests attending the function 1. Guests attending the function 2.
Donors busy in completing registration. Doing a proper check after registration.
Blood donation in progress. VIP visiting a blood donor.
VIP reading the good record of a regular donor. Media focusing on this regular donor.
No problem, glad to be a blood donor. Giving a helping hand to the donor.
Having a rest after the blood donation 1. Having a rest after the blood donation 2.