Mooncake Festival Party



(Penang: 5-10-2009) The President of  Society

of      Disabled      Persons

Penang  (SDPP)   Madam

Teh Lay Kuan urged  the

state     government     to

emulate      the       Majlis

Perbandaran      Petaling

Jaya to provide free parking facilities for the disabled

She said that to the disabled, this is a significant matter. If the proposal is approved, this would be a new milestone for the benefits of the disabled. 

She mentioned this during the Mooncake Festival Party of the society held at the Goh Kongsi (Ean Leng Tong), Penang, last night.


Responding to the point, the state assemblyman for Kebun Bungah, YB Jason Ong mentioned that he would persuade the state government to approve the proposal, at the same time he would urge that the facilities for the disabled be increased.

He also urged the state and federal government  agencies  to set a quota in employing the disabled and  to  reward  those agencies which implement the quota system.


He said that the intelligence of the disabled is  not  below par compared to normal person, they still can work on par as a normal person. 


He said that the state government is willing to become the  thermometer  for the people and to grasp the problem of the people


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