Durian and Tropical Fruits Party



(19-7-2009)The Society of Disabled Persons Penang (SDPP) and the Goh Kongsi (Ean Leng Tong) Youth Section and Woman Section, jointly organized the annual event of ¡°SDPP ¨C Durian and Tropical Fruits Party¡± on 19-7-2009. It was held at the premises of the  Goh Kongsi (Ean Leng Tong) , Penang.    

In her speech, the President of SDPP, Madam Teh Lay Kuan, thanked the Goh Kongsi (Ean Leng Tong), Penang for permitting SDPP to use their premises ¨C free of charge, their donation and help in kind towards the organizing of the function ¨C ¡°SDPP ¨C Durian and Tropical Fruits Party¡±. She said all was very lucky where especially durian was having a good harvest then together with other tropical fruits, therefore she hoped that all could have a good eating party on that day. 

She mentioned that time passed by very fast and half a year of 2009 was gone. Regarding the current issues related to the disabled persons in Penang, SDPP would like to thank the good effort of Rapid Penang in bringing in disabled friendly buses into Penang. Thanks also went to all the relevant  parties who had rendered their help in one way or another on the matter. SDPP was indeed very grateful and happy that at least the grievances of the disabled have been looked into and the plight of the disabled has been recognized.     

However, she stated that there were still room for improvement and upgrading in our surrounding and amenities such as bus stop, road, ¡°Five Foot Way¡±, pedestrian crossing, ramp, etc to be disabled friendly. The improvement and upgrading should meet the requirement of the disabled and the under-privileged so that it would be more convenient to them.

Therefore SDPP hoped that the MPPP and all relevant authorities could work together for the betterment of the environment, transportation and the welfare of people of Penang especially for the disabled and the under-privileged.

For the smooth functioning of a transportation system that meets the requirement of the disabled and the under-privileged, SDPP needed the full cooperation of all parties. For example, the disabled and the under-privileged needed the help of the bus driver and the understanding of the public so that the disable could take a bus smoothly.   

Lastly she would like to stress that SDPP would continue to voice out the plight of the under-privileged and the disabled in Malaysia and especially in Penang. SDPP would continue to work with the relevant government agencies and non-government organizations to improve and to upgrade the livelihood and the welfare of the disabled and the under-privileged.


Giving a helping hand 1. Giving a helping hand 2.
Lion Dance. Lion Dance in the hall
 VIP giving a speech. VIP giving a speech.
SDPP President giving a speech. Vice President of Goh Kongsi giving a speech.
Time to start eating the durian and fruits. Guests eating the durian and fruits 1.
Guests eating the durian and fruits 2. Guests eating the durian and fruits 3.
Guests eating the durian and fruits 4. Party busy in progress in the hall.'
Fund receivers 1. Fund receivers 2.
Helpers busy in preparing the fruits. Part of the committee members and helpers.