2006 Chinese New Year Celebration


   The SDPP held its annual event of “Chinese New Year Celebration” on 10th of February 2006 for its members. The event was supported by its member and the public.

   At the party, delighted food and beverages were served to all the guests. The programme also included of karaoke, lucky draw, “Distribution of Ang Pow by the Money God” and etc.

  The president of SDPP, Madam Teh Lay Kuan hoped that the government would tabled and passed the Disability Act  as soon as possible. A delay in time means procrastination, as we know “time and tide wait for no one”. She urged all the members and non government agencies to

  co-operate and work together for the enactment of the Act to secure the basic rights of the disabled.

The Penang State Assemblyman, Datuk Dr. Teng Hock Nam at the invitation pointed out in his speech that Penang State Government, all the while had stressed on the issue. With the Penang State Government assistance, the accessible facilities have been set up, to cater to the Disabled with a convenient accessibility to the environment. He also mentioned that, the State Government has fixed a rule to the developer to provide Disables’ toilets and parking lots, giving priority to the Disabled and lastly to create a caring society. With this kind of move, he advised the public to cultivate a higher level of awareness not to use the facility that has been specially catered for the Disabled.

Datuk Dr. Teng also hoped that the Disability Act to be enacted and passed in Parliament as soon as possible so as to benefit the Disabled and allow them to enjoy the welfare of a developing nation.

Parliamentary Senator Mr. Chow Kuan Yew, hoped that the Government would passed the Disability Act and to allocate more funds to the Disabled at the forthcoming parliament sitting on 1 March on presentation of the 9th Malaysian Plan. He hoped that the Government does not procrastinate on the matter.

 To conclude, the achievement of the Vision 2020 would be incomplete and meaningless if the issues and problems faced

by the Disabled are not resolved.


President welcomes the guest.


Disabled friends attend the celebrations


Happy reunion

Disabled friends enjoy the dinner and the volunteers is willing to help

Money God is given Ang Pow to disabled friends.
The VIP give a speech at the dinner party