2005 Annual Chinese New Year party

Text Box: GongXiFaCai, Wishing Everybody a Prosperous Chinese New Year
20th Feb 2005
       We held our annual Chinese New Year party at the Cheah Association of Penang.
       This year, we received support from all sectors of the business community and the members of the state government. They donated lots of gifts to be used at the party・s lucky draw and many were also present to celebrate with the disabled people.
    This year・s party was the grandest and the best attended from all the previous year・s. Disabled people from all corners of Penang, regardless of race and age, had a most enjoyable night.

    Our President, Teh Lay Kuan, in her speech announced
that the society・s :Transport for Wheelchair-Users; project has raised RM 70,000 which is still RM 50,000 off the target. In addition, the project requires RM 42,000 as annual maintenance which includes vehicle servicing, drivers wages, fuel, insurance, road-tax and administrative cost.

       The President thanked the generosity of donors for the project to proceed.
       Dato Teng revealed in the coming year, the government will carry out a lot of projects to benefit the disabled
 people. He hopes the Society will step forward to cooperate and let the government know their requirements so that
benefiting the disabled will be included in the 9th Malaysian Plan.
        State Councillor Lee Hack Teck said that when the country progresses economically, the community must
care for the aged and the young. Society of the Disabled Persons Penang is very active and often shows that they
care for others. Their spirit should be appreciated by all.
        The DAP organizing secretary Law Heng Kiang said the government must set up more facilities for the disabled
especially at tourist spots. He has received a complaint from a foreign tourist stating that at Batu Ferringgi there was
a lack
of basic facilities for the disabled.
        Keadilan Party's Ong Khan Lee pointed out that if his party gains power, they will set up a quota for the disabled
attend local university. He said, though they are handicapped, the disabled have to work harder to succeed
. Therefore, we
must show understanding and not deprive them of a tertiary education.
        At the dinner, a :Lucky God : was there to distribute red packets, lucky draw prizes. This was well received by
everyone present.

Chinese Newyear Party Photos

The lion dance  welcomes the honoured guest I am coming! So happy to be here!

Lively scene 1

Lively scene 2

The president shake hands with the VIP . Hello! Long time no see, how are you ?
Malay friends also participate in the dinner. The elder person join together
Distinguished guests After one year, we meet again.
A very warm heart moment Mmm....Yam..Yam.....delicious food
The lucky draw winner. A Malay love song for all the disabled friends
Lively scene 3 Distinguished guests

Let me help you....

No matter how difficult, I will participate