Durian Party 2004


     The Society of the Disabled Persons Penang held its annual "Durian Party" on 6th June 2004 at the Cheah Association in Penang, Malaysia. The objective of organizing the event was two pronged. In addition to having our members enjoy the durians , opportunities were created for the disabled to interact and be bonded. The party was attended by many members, guests and representatives from various political parties.
In his speech, the Chairperson Wong Tin Choi had reemphasized the importance of "Persons with Disabilities Act". He urged the government to quickly pass the bill which was drafted years ago. He hoped the bill will not be forgotten like a” half-ripe durian”. The Chairperson had also received complaints from the public regarding unscrupulous people using our society's name to seek donations for their own personal gains. He expressed regret that these people are exploiting the disabled He urged these people to stop such immoral acts. He urged the public not to confuse the two and to continue to support the Society of the Disabled Persons Penang. Donors are to issue A/C Payee cheques payable to "Society of the Disabled Persons Penang" and send them to Kompleks Masyarakat Penyayang, CO-19-GF & CO-20-GF, Jalan Utama, 10450 Penang, Malaysia. Donors should request for official receipts from the society. For any enquiries please call Mr. Wong --012-4556921.
During the party, some children of the members were given awards from the education fund. The recipients of 2004 were as follow:

Name of members Name of members' child

Primary School Team

Lim Tin Heng Lim Jia Yi (UPSR)
Nah Boon Tian Nah Zheng Cheng (UPSR)
Nah Boon Tian Nah Zheng Qun
Nah Boon Tian Nah Xiao Jin
Lim Kok Gee Adrian Lim En Yang
Goh Chin Teng Goh Kai Wen
May Tan Sook Booi Wong Zhe Jie Fook
Tan Soo Keong Samuel Tan
Mohd Shukri ong Bin Abdullah Nur Asyirah Bin Mohd Shukri Ong

Secondary School Team

Wong Tet Loy Wong Chun Sheng
Thum Oy Chee Ong Choo Beng
Ong Cheng Chuan Ong Tong Hai

University Team

Wong Tet Loy Wong Chun Ting

Photos of the "Durian Party":

Members enjoying tasty durians.

A special moment.

Members enjoying tasty durians.

Members enjoying tasty durians.

Getting together.

Scene of the "Durian Party"

A group of dedicated volunteers.

Our guests from senior citizens group.