Facility : Toilet


Accessible public toilets should have the universally adopted symbol for wheelchair access displayed outside.
W C or toilet compartments should have enough floor space for wheelchair users to enter and exit.
The toilet bowl should be of a type (e.g. wall hung) and in a position as to permit easy approach by wheelchair users.
The seat of the toilet bowl should be at the correct height for the wheelchair users. Any accessory seat pad on the toilet seat should be firmly secured.
WC compartments should have support rails at a position and height suitable for wheelchair users and other persons with physical disabilities. Upward-folding support bars are recommended to allow lateral transfer from the wheelchair.
A toilet paper dispenser should be so installed as to be easily used by a person with physical impairments sitting on the toilet.
Fittings, such as soap dispenser, electric hand dryer and mirror, should be low enough for a wheelchair user to use comfortably.
Floor finishes should be of non-slip material.
Doors should be either of the sliding or outward-opening type.
Locks to toilet doors or cubicle should be a type that can be opened from outside in case of emergency. Lock lever should be of the type that can be easily opened by person with weak grip power.

  Reference figure :-

Figure 4.2a : WC