What's SDPP ?

Formation of the Society of the Disabled Persons, Penang (SDPP)

Society of the Disabled Persons, Penang (SDPP) was established in 1988 by a group of disabled people in Penang, Malaysia. This organization is a non profit organization and managed by the members themselves.

Over the years, SDPP has been striving hard to fight for the rights of disabled people as well as guiding and encouraging disabled people, particularly those staying in Penang, to enjoy the rights and the freedom that they are entitled to in all aspects of their life.  SDPP also commits to make Penang accessible to the elderly and the disabled.

Until today, SDPP has more than 250 members and the number is still growing. Fortunately and hopefully, with the support of all the members and respective authorities, SDPP will remain active, and even more enthusiastic to support each other and help those in need.

SDPP handles matters related to the benefits or the plight of the disabled and the under privileged irregardless of race, color, religion or social status of the party concerned. This is in line with the multi-racial society we are in and also in line with the objectives of SDPP.

SDPP has its own website now so that the public can have a better awareness and understanding on the plight of the disabled.


Visions & Goals

As a society that evolves around the disabled people, we have the following visions and goals. 

All disabled persons should be respected as complete human beings who are able to and have the rights to live like other non-disabled persons. What we need are opportunities not charity, dignity not sympathy.

All disabled persons should unite together to form a common platform to advocate for their rights. Emphasis should be given to create a conducive environment for cross disability program so that people with different disabilities can understand each other. The program should include people with learning and reading difficulties, the elderly and people who are disabled by stroke, diabetics  etc.

There must be a conducive environment for the disabled to develop their potential to the fullest extent.  All disabled persons must enjoy full education so as to develop their minds to compensate for their disabilities. Disabled persons must have full access to information technology that is useful in their education and employment. Access to internet will also widen the horizon of the disabled persons.

All disabled persons must be involved in economically productive activities. They must contribute to social development and nation building. The authority must ensure that there is no discrimination against the employment of disabled persons. The authority must also create a conducive environment for the disabled to engage in productive activities.

The state of Penang should be completely barrier-free for disabled persons, senior citizens, pregnant women, children and all who are physically weak. Public transport system of Penang must be fully accessible to disabled persons. Disabled persons must be given fair allocations in all of the low and medium cost housing projects.


To achieve and sustain our vision and goals, we implement the following objectives: 

To provide services to disabled persons.


To educate and to develop disabled persons.


To protect the rights of disabled persons.


To provide social interaction among disabled persons.


To serve as a resource center for disabled persons.


Services Rendered And Welfare Items For Members  

Care for members: visit sick members, attend wedding of members, etc. 

Give compassionate donation to member whose family member passes away.

Give a congratulatory gift or in equivalent monetary amount to member who is getting married.

Organize events allowing members to get together for interaction.

Provide transportation service by charging a small fee to members for easier movement in their daily activities.

Provide opinions and advices to members for matters from the government related to the disabled persons.

Introduce potential employers to members.

Provide opinions and advices to members in helping them to live an independent life.

Help members to get sponsorship on items that can facilitate their movement such as wheelchair, clutches, etc.

Provide study support fund in education for the children of members.

Handle the issuing of OKU car sticker to facilitate members in parking their cars.

Provide advices and opinions on accessibilities and facilities related to the disabled persons.